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The altdeutsche Schäferhunde also call German Shepherd old type (long-haired and straight back) originally, he was intended to work, that's why he was mainly selected on his character and his good health. He is a versatile, rustic, dedicated, attentive dog so we continue to favor this physical and mental health. 


From a geographical point of view there are German and Eastern lines and English lines of Altdeutsche Schäferhunde.

These have a different morphology and character, knowing that each dog has its own temperament.

German and Eastern lines

The Altdeutsche Schäferhunde of his lines are more massive, a larger dog with a strong frame, a strong head, a well-marked stop.

The colors of these dogs are dark black, black and tan, charred fawn… They have rather a strong character, close to the guardian man and confident they know what they want.

English lines

Chaska Son Of Apache (aka: Chief)

Owner: The Legend of the Black Wolf

stanley .jpeg

The dogs of the English lines are lighter, their stop is less marked, the head is thinner, their backs are generally straight.

As for the colors, they are more diversified and lighter, charcoal silver, different shades of blue, light charcoal fawn...

These lines have a more docile and sensitive character, easy to live with and close to

man, these dogs are willful and mean well.

Glebe Von Wood Stanley

Owner: The Legend of the Black Wolf

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