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This is a malformation which consists of a more or less significant asymmetry of the head of the femur with its cavity and a relaxation of the ligament which makes them united

It is a disease whose cause is multifactorial: it is genetic, but can be provoked or aggravated by environmental factors, only if the dog already carries the genes for the disease. Food (the overweight of the puppy), the violent exercises of the puppy (stairs, slides).

Ratings for dysplasia of the hips (HD) and elbows (ED):











Are authorized for breeding by the Breed Club, dogs HD: A, B and C (dogs classified C must obligatorily reproduce with a dog classified A), and ED: 0, SL, and 1 (dogs classified SL and 1 must breed with a dog ED: 0).

For more information

  • HD: A = Free from dysplasia

  • HD: B = Intermediate Stage

  • HD: C = Mild dysplasia

  • HD: D = Medium Dysplasia

  • HD: E = Severe dysplasia

  • ED: 0 = Free from dysplasia

  • ED: SL = Limit Stage

  • ED: 1 = Mild dysplasia

  • ED: 2 = Medium dysplasia

  • ED: 3 = Severe dysplasia

Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative Myelopathy is a disease leading to paralysis of the hind legs that appears gradually as the dog ages. It is a condition where the spinal cord loses its function following a degeneration of it. The exact cause remains unknown. A genetic cause is suspected, but the condition is likely multifactorial.

The ratings are as follows:












Are authorized for reproduction by the Breed Club the marriages which will not produce affected dogs:

  • N/N x N/N (which will produce 100% N/N puppies)

  • DM/N x N/N (which will statistically produce 50% N/N puppies, and 50% DM/N puppies)

  • DM/DM x N/N (which will produce 100% DM/N puppies)

For more information:

  • N/N = Healthy, non-carrier, will not transmit the mutation gene to his offspring (normal Homozygote).

  • DM/N = Healthy carrier, will not develop the disease, but will transmit the mutation gene to statistically 50% of his offspring (Heterozygote).

  • DM/DM = Affected, will develop the disease and will transmit the mutation gene to statistically 100% of his offspring (homozygote mutated).

Screening for genetic diseases of our dogs is carried out by the Antagene laboratory

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