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  • Faë - Élevage Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska - 71 - France

    FAË TIKI de La Meute du Yack " renommer FAë " ​ Les Portées de Faë HD : ED : ​ MD : NAH : ADN : ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Résultat en Expositions Née le 08/11/2022 Poids : Taille : Couleur : Noir et Feu

  • Portées d'Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Élevage Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71 - France

    LIVES Litters in progress Upcoming Litters My P'tits Loulous, Oops from yesterday

  • Tarifs et Réservations - Altdeutsche Schäferhunde - Des esprits de Pian'Ourska

    SOCIALIZATION, PRICES AND RESERVATION Never forget that an animal is not an object, any more than a toy. The latter needs presence, care, healthy food, games and exercises. In the same vein, make your arrangements during the Holiday periods. Your four-legged friend also needed to discover other horizons... so make sure that he is part of the trip, he will be grateful to you and you will be happy to have him with you. In the case of an impossibility, assert your relatives (family, friends, others), see the recognized canine pensions. ​ If your commitment goes to term, know that the choice of puppies will be made according to the character, the physique of each of them, without omitting the expectations of the future owner. For this, six to seven weeks after birth are essential to determine the nature of each of the puppies. This is followed by individual behavioral tests. This is why the habituation to cleanliness, to noises, to sounds, to textures, to games, to the presence of people foreign to their environment and finally, to interactions with other dogs will be worked on. You will understand that these interventions will work both in the heart of the household but also outside.  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ The object of this work, of these observations will be to evaluate the receptivity, the character and the comprehension of the various mediums in which the latter will have to evolve. The purpose is to harmonize the couple or the family Puppy.  If there is acquisition, a complete check up will be delivered to you by a Veterinary Office where the state of good health and the vaccines administered will be mentioned, without forgetting the identification of the animal. Will be added his IHR pedigree and a European passport to complete. To close, a puppy kit will be offered to you (toys, leash, croquettes, bowl, others) ​ ​ ​ Rates and reservations ​ 1500€   Dominant colors: Black, Black and Tan, Black and Sand, Charcoal Fawn, Charcoal Sand 1700€  Colors: Charcoal Silver Grey, Black and Silver, Black Smoke (black with silver undercoat, hock and collar) 2000€  Colors: Blue, Blue Smoke (blue with silver undercoat, hock and collar), Fawn Charcoal Blue, Sable Charcoal Blue, Silver Gray Charcoal Blue, Blue and Sable ​ After exchange, you will have received a reservation contract to be completed and returned to me accompanied by a deposit of 400€ to validate this one, it is only cashed at the birth of the puppies. If none of the puppies correspond to your expectations then the deposit has been given to you or you wish to transfer to another litter. ​ ​ ​ You will have understood it, your future dog is a trunk of love. His love for you will be unconditional, it's up to you to return it. My requests If you have to separate from your dog for X reasons, the latter must inevitably return to breeding (contractual aspect). Give me frequent news, send me pictures, call me, don't leave me without information... THANK YOU If there are any questions, I will always be at your disposal.

  • Education du Altdeutsche Shäferhund - Élevage Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71 - France

    Mes activités Canines et MY CANINE ACTIVITIES AND EDUCATION Agility We have our own agility course, the activity strengthens the bond between the dog and the master, it is a physical and mental activity that the dogs really appreciate. ​ ​ Ourska's favorite activity ​ ​ ​ The Cani-Vtt The Cani-VTT requires acquired orders to avoid the risk of injury and for the Master and for the dog, it is an activity that exercises the dog physically and develops his muscle mass.  ​ This is Piana's favorite activity ​ ​ ​ The Cani-Rando The Cani-Rando is a less technical activity than the Cani-VTT, it is appropriate for people who are athletic or not. It is a reassuring activity for the dog during walks in the woods, the cani-rando allows the dog to exercise physically safe. The complicity is strengthened between the dog and the master. ​ ​ Dziki's favorite activity Dressage Training is mandatory...Since it is a big part of your dog's education The Altdeutsche asks to learn and think constantly, it needs novelty, being creative is the key ! For example, I learn "Turn around", "Pan you're dead", "play the groundhog", "sit", "go to bed"... ​ Sperenza loves to learn lots of tricks ​ ​ Frisbee Frisbee is an activity that demonstrates concentration and precision for the dog. It must be started gently by rolling the frisbee on the ground in order to avoid the risk of injury, jumps and to make it easier to hold the frisbee in the dog's mouth.  ​ Tawa's favorite activity Other activities await us, we will share them with you! EDUCATION Education is a EVERYTHING, you have to know how to read your dog, adapt to him, question yourself. With dogs it's all about being precise and having self-confidence, the bond with the dog is mandatory to obtain a good education. There is no right or wrong method, you really have to adapt to each dog, its character and its difficulties. ​ Each order to learn has stages, when we talk about education it's very vague since I remind you that it's a whole.  The work of renunciation, frustration, the scarcity of goods and so on. We obviously ask ourselves a lot of questions, how to punish his dog? the candy doesn't work anymore why? Why is my dog running away? He was sociable with his congeners and he is no longer there how come?... And yes all his questions there is an answer to everything, of course many of you can't know everything about the dog but don't wait for things to get worse contact dog professionals. TO YOU FUTURE ADOPTER ​ Contact me , I will be happy to advise you, or to redirect you to competent professionals

  • Standard de la race Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Élevage Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71 - France

    BREED STANDARD Opal vom Schattenwolf  Owner: The Legend of the Black Wolf General aspect : It is a medium-sized dog, with a trunk length longer than its height at the withers (about 20%). His appearance is well-built and muscular, without heaviness, which gives him a balanced look and smooth movements. The Altdeutscher Schäferhund has a long, thick coat. It is a dog with a stable temperament, confident, attentive and devoted. In no case should he be aggressive or fearful. The difference in type between male and female should be marked. ET Magic Black Owner: The Legend of the Black Wolf Head and skull: The total length of the head must represent 40% of the length of the trunk, it should not be too heavy or too thin. The forehead is slightly rounded, without or with a weakly marked medio-frontal furrow. The length of the skull must represent 50% of that of the head and must be approximately equal to its width. For the male this width must be greater. Lips should be black, tight and close together. Eyes : The eyes are medium sized, almond-shaped, not prominent. They are as dark as possible, more or less nuanced depending on the coat. Light eyes are undesirable. The eyelids should not hang down (ectropion) or be inverted up (entropion). This is a disqualifying fault. Siwu from The Legend of the Black Wolf Ears : ​ The ears should be erect, of medium size. They should be slightly higher than the width at the base, symmetrical. The flag should face forward. One or both droopy ears is a serious fault. Lord Daryun Owner: Fenris Fangs Neck : The neck must be strong and muscular, more or less raised depending on the attitude of the dog Piana from The Legend of the Black Wolf Back : The back should be straight and horizontal. A very slight inclination is tolerated. A swayed, arched or too steeply sloping back is an eliminatory fault. Bazooka z Gargamellu (aka: Ourska) Chest : ​ The chest should be neither too wide nor too low, its depth should be very slightly less than the height of the withers. In order to allow good movement of the elbows, the ribs should not be barrel-shaped, nor too flat. Bellevue's Ozai Zaheer Owner: Fenris Fangs Tail : At rest it is carried down, with a slight curve without a hook, it rises in action and can slightly exceed the line of the back. Are considered as eliminatory faults, the tail rolled up on the line of the back or the absence of tail. Serious faults: deviated, too short or hooked tail. Adriel Black & Szer-Can (Said: Dziki) Hind limbs: The hind limbs are powerful and muscular, allowing good forward propulsion. The feet are round. The nails are black. Siwu from The Legend of the Black Wolf Forelimbs: ​ The shoulder is long and sloping. The elbows should not be lifted or too tight. The forearms are straight. The feet are round and the nails are black. Siwu from The Legend of the Black Wolf Vahriz Iroh Arash Fenris Fangs Owner: Fenris Fangs Angulations and gaits: The angulations must be marked, which means that they must not be too open or too closed, in order to preserve a straight back. Gaits are examined from all points of view of the dog: anterior, posterior, right lateral and left lateral. They must be flexible and ample, the dog must not give the impression of forcing. The step is composed of a diagonal movement of the legs. The front leg and the opposite hind leg move at the same time. Their range is as long as each other. Incorrect gaits are considered faults. Cadoc Wolf vom Blosenberg Owner: The Legend of the Black Wolf Dress : The coat is thick, with a lot of undercoat. The coat is short and straight on the head, muzzle, back of the ears and front of the legs. The hair is long behind the ears, on the back of the front legs, on the back. On the neck, it forms a mane falling on the chest. It is dense and long on the hind legs forming a dewlap that goes down to the hocks. The summer hair is different from the winter hair which is thicker. Color : The recognized colors are black, black and tan, black and sand, black and silver, black smoke, charcoal fawn, charcoal sand, charcoal silver, blue, blue and tan, blue and sand. For charcoal colors, the undercoat, varying from "fire red" to "light gray", is always charcoal black or blue. The mask is entirely black or blue. The nose must be black in color in all color varieties, except in diluted colors such as blue. In these cases, the nose will be blue and the eyes may be lighter. The absence of a mask, small whitish spots on the inside of the limbs, nails of a light color will be penalized as signs of insufficient pigmentation. Small white or light spots on the chest as well as on the toes are acceptable. Any other color is not recognized. Cut : The Altdeutscher Schaferhund must have a harmonious whole.       Males: 62 to 68 cm at the withers.       Females: 55 to 62 cm at the withers.   An overrun of + or – 1 cm in relation to the standard may be tolerated for a dog that is well proportioned and conforms to the standard Defaults : ​ Any lack of compliance with the above standard will be penalized according to its importance. Serious faults: ​   Disproportionate dog,   Tail too short,   Broken or hooked tail, ·   Ears that are too large, badly carried, badly implanted, drooping or broken,   Hair length too short,   Lack of pigmentation,   Incorrect gait or movement when viewed from the front, back, or right or left side.   Dog with alopecia whose owners cannot prove by the appropriate examinations, its non-genetic character   Two additional teeth (a tolerance is accepted if the doubled tooth is PM1) Eliminating faults:   Albinism,   Tooth defects, in case of absence of 1 PM 3 plus another tooth, or 1 canine, or 1 PM 4, or 1 M 1 or M 2, or in total three teeth or more,   Two additional teeth + prognathism,   Two additional teeth + one missing tooth (example two PM1 but one M1 missing),   Bad topline,   Very significant gait defects,   Adult dogs with pronounced overshot or undershot bite,   Tail carried curled over back, no tail,   Fearful or aggressive character,   Abnormal looking testicles, or insufficient in number (two), or not in place (in the scrotum),   Entropion or ectropion, ·  Any dog of any other breed or crossbreed.

  • Venum - Élevage Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska - 71 - France

    Venum Ultimo Jistr ( Renomé Venum ) ​ HD : ED : ​ MD : NAH : ​ ADN : ​ Le Pédigrée de Le Pédigrée de ​ ​ Résultat en Expositions

  • Portée Ourska Broer - Élevage Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska - 71 - France

    Portée Ourska et Broer Le 30 juin Ourska a donné naissance à 5 petits loups, la mise bas ne sait pas passées comme prévue, Ourska a bien sorti les deux premiers chiots mais le troisième a bloqué le passage, elle est donc partie en césarienne… Deux des petits sont partis rejoindre les esprits … Maman Ourska va bien et les trois bébés aussi, mais sont tous sous surveillance De beaux bébés de 650g en moyenne ! Les Mâles ​ Ulysse (Mâle collier Bleu) Les Femelles U'Wemyss ( Femelle collier Vert) U'Nimeria (Femelle collier Orange) Les chiots dans leurs 8ème semaine Les chiots dans leurs 7ème semaine Les chiots dans leurs 6ème semaine Les chiots dans leurs 5ème semaines Les chiots dans leurs 4Eme semaines Les chiots dans leurs 3eme semaines Les chiots dans leurs 1ère semaine Les chiots dans leurs 2ème semaines

  • Pédigrée Et Club de la Race Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Élevage Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71 - France

    PEDIGREE AND BREED CLUB The Altdeutsche Schäferhunde is not recognized by the LOF (Books of French Origins), so it is not possible to practice the sporting activities of Ring and biting organized by the FCI (Fédération Cynophile Internationale), however the other activities sports such as mantrailing, obedience, cani-cross... remains possible. From a German breed, the Altdeutsche Schäferhunde has an IHR (Internationaler Hundefreunde aller Rassen) pedigree, which guarantees health tests (radio dysplasia of the hips and elbows, test for degenerative myelopathy, etc.) over several generations. IHR Pedigree The organization IHR is a UCI (Union Cynologique Internationale), which offers participate in dog shows in France, Germany, Holland etc... The UCFAS breed club (Union Cynophile Française Altdeutsche Schäferhunde) where we are affiliated, organizes 3 exhibitions a year, these take place over a weekend, the first day of the exhibition consists of presenting the dogs by class of age and are judged on physical but also mental criteria the dogs must be able to be manipulated without signs of aggression. The second day is the confirmation, it is this phase that determines whether the dog will be breeding or not, it is validated if the animal conforms to the standard of the breed and if it has its health tests (radio dysplasia of the hips and elbows…).

  • GLENCOE - Élevage Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska - 71 - France

    Glencoe U'Glencoe des Couleurs d'Autumn ​ C 'est un fils de Polka et Shadow je remercie encore Marion de m'avoir confié ce petit loup, Glencoe (un petit clin d'oeil à la vallée de Glencoe en Écosse) un paysage splendide comme lui ! Glencoe est un chien affectueux, joyeux, joueur et proche de l'homme, cependant ce n'est pas un aventurier, il aime jouer avec ses congénères et s'adapte facilement à chaque chien. Glencoe est un petit voleur d'objets , mais comprend vite quand il fait une bêtise. Pour un Glencoe heureux il faut beaucoup d'amour, des jouets, et des chiens pour jouer. ​ Glencoe promet d'avoir un beau gabarit, l'avenir nous le dira ! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ HD : en Attente ED : en Attente ​ MD : en Attente NAH : en Attente ADN : en Attente ​ ​ ​ ​ Résultat en Expositions Née le 12/01/2023 Poids : Taille : Couleur : Fauve Charbonné

  • Umy - Élevage Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska - 71 - France

    Umy Umy Des Esprits de Pian'Ourska Umy est la fille de Siwu et Sora , issue de l a première portée de Siwu ! Son frère Urso est resté également parmi nous ! Umy est plutôt de nature sensible comme sa maman Siwu, sociable et très joueuse, elle reste une chienne assez calme. Ah oui j'ai oublié de préciser... C'est une chamoise, elle grimpe par tout et passe son temps en hauteur pour observer ce qu'il se passe en face, peut-être serait elle une petite commère ? Elle a un poil bien fourni et lisse, un museau large un stop assez marqué, des jolies yeux en amande de couleurs noisettes, un dos bien droit et une ossature qui promet pour une femelle. Sa couleur noire et argenté à majorité noir est assez rare, hâte de voir l'évolution de Umy. HD : ED : ​ MD : NAH : ADN : ​ Le Pédigrée d'umy 1 Le Pédigrée d'umy 2 ​ ​ Résultat en Expositions Né le 12/09/2023 Poids : Taille : Couleur : Noir et Argenté à majorité Noir

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