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Never forget that an animal is not an object, any more than a toy. The latter needs presence, care, healthy food, games and exercises. In the same vein, make your arrangements during the Holiday periods. Your four-legged friend also needed to discover other horizons... so make sure that he is part of the trip, he will be grateful to you and you will be happy to have him with you. In the case of an impossibility, assert your relatives (family, friends, others), see the recognized canine pensions.

If your commitment goes to term, know that the choice of puppies will be made according to the character, the physique of each of them, without omitting the expectations of the future owner. For this, six to seven weeks after birth are essential to determine the nature of each of the puppies. This is followed by individual behavioral tests. This is why the habituation to cleanliness, to noises, to sounds, to textures, to games, to the presence of people foreign to their environment and finally, to interactions with other dogs will be worked on. You will understand that these interventions will work both in the heart of the household but also outside. 

The object of this work, of these observations will be to evaluate the receptivity, the character and the comprehension of the various mediums in which the latter will have to evolve. The purpose is to harmonize the couple or the family Puppy. 
If there is acquisition, a complete check up will be delivered to you by a Veterinary Office where the state of good health and the vaccines administered will be mentioned, without forgetting the identification of the animal. Will be added his IHR pedigree and a European passport to complete.
To close, a puppy kit will be offered to you (toys, leash, croquettes, bowl, others)


Rates and reservations

  • 1500€  Dominant colors: Black, Black and Tan, Black and Sand, Charcoal Fawn, Charcoal Sand

  • 1700€ Colors: Charcoal Silver Grey, Black and Silver, Black Smoke (black with silver undercoat, hock and collar)

  • 2000€ Colors: Blue, Blue Smoke (blue with silver undercoat, hock and collar), Fawn Charcoal Blue, Sable Charcoal Blue, Silver Gray Charcoal Blue, Blue and Sable

After exchange, you will have received a reservation contract to be completed and returned to me accompanied by a deposit of 400€ to validate this one, it is only cashed at the birth of the puppies. If none of the puppies correspond to your expectations then the deposit has been given to you or you wish to transfer to another litter.


You will have understood it, your future dog is a trunk of love. His love for you will be unconditional, it's up to you to return it.

Bois sombre

My requests



If you have to separate from your dog for X reasons, the latter must inevitably return to breeding (contractual aspect).


Give me frequent news, send me pictures, call me, don't leave me without information... THANK YOU


If there are any questions, I will always be at your disposal.

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