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Mes activités Canines et


Agility Altdeutsche Shäferhund - Les Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71120


We have our own agility course, the activity strengthens the bond between the dog and the master, it is a physical and mental activity that the dogs really appreciate.

Ourska's favorite activity

Cani VTT Altdeutsche Shäferhund - Les Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71120

The Cani-Vtt

The Cani-VTT requires acquired orders to avoid the risk of injury and for the Master and for the dog, it is an activity that exercises the dog physically and develops his muscle mass. 

This is Piana's favorite activity

Cani Rando Altdeutsche Shäferhund - Les Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71120

The Cani-Rando

The Cani-Rando is a less technical activity than the Cani-VTT, it is appropriate for people who are athletic or not. It is a reassuring activity for the dog during walks in the woods, the cani-rando allows the dog to exercise physically safe.
The complicity is strengthened between the dog and the master.

Dziki's favorite activity
Dressage Altdeutsche Shäferhund - Les Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71120


Training is mandatory...Since it is a big part of your dog's education
The Altdeutsche asks to learn and think constantly, it needs novelty, being creative is the key !
For example, I learn "Turn around", "Pan you're dead", "play the groundhog", "sit", "go to bed"...

Sperenza loves to learn lots of tricks

Frisbee Altdeutsche Shäferhund - Les Esprits de Pian'Ourska 71120


Frisbee is an activity that demonstrates concentration and precision for the dog.
It must be started gently by rolling the frisbee on the ground in order to avoid the risk of injury, jumps and to make it easier to hold the frisbee in the dog's mouth. 

Tawa's favorite activity

Other activities await us, we will share them with you!



 Education is a EVERYTHING, you have to know how to read your dog, adapt to him, question yourself. With dogs it's all about being precise and having self-confidence, the bond with the dog is mandatory to obtain a good education. There is no right or wrong method, you really have to adapt to each dog, its character and its difficulties.
Each order to learn has stages, when we talk about education it's very vague since I remind you that it's a whole. 
The work of renunciation, frustration, the scarcity of goods and so on.
We obviously ask ourselves a lot of questions, how to punish his dog? the candy doesn't work anymore why? Why is my dog running away? He was sociable with his congeners and he is no longer there how come?...
And yes all his questions there is an answer to everything, of course many of you can't know everything about the dog but don't wait for things to get worse contact dog professionals.

Contact me, I will be happy to advise you, or to redirect you to competent professionals
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